PC based pulsometer Pulse Lite with a finger clip

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The device "Pulse Lite" is a PC based finger plethysmograph that helps to examine the blood circulatory system in a non-invasive manner. The device "Pulse Lite" has red and infrared photoelectric sensors used to record changes in finger blood flow. The pulse wave shape reflects the state of the entire arterial system, from the large arteries all the way to the small arteries. Our finger plethysmograph "Pulse Lite" can be used for self-acquisition of plethysmography signal for chronic patients. Also the device "Pulse Lite" can by used by researchers and investigators seeking to gain a better understanding of the human cardiovascular system.

The "Pulse Lite" is a user-friendly, cheap and robust device for self-control of health. It helps to record high quality plethysmography signals. Using the software "Pulse Lite Control" tools you can analyse pulse wave shape easily (the software calculates automatically all the amplitude and time parameters, including relative pulse wave reflection and compliance indeces).

The software "Pulse Lite Control" also provides easy-to-use tools for heart rate variability analysis for pulse recordings. HRV analysis is one of the most informative indicators of our health, and it has a significant value as predictor of coronary heart disease and mortality from several causes.

Product capabilities:

  • records a high quality signals;
  • instantaneous heart rate calculation;
  • has finger clip with red and infrared photoelectric sensors;
  • has reflective photoelectric sensor mounted on the device enclosure;
  • saves the pulse records into the file;
  • viewing the records;
  • pulse waveshape analisys;
  • HRV analysis toolkit;
  • forms the investigation report;
  • prints the HRV and pulse wave analysis results;
  • export records to text file.

Additional information

Pulse sensor type

finger clip with red and infrared photoelectric sensors;
reflective photoelectric sensor mounted on the device enclosure

Sampling rate

500 Hz

Plethysmography method


Time constant

5,0 sec

Common-mode rejection ratio

more 100 dB

Power supply


Country of origin

Russian Federeation


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