Dear friends!

You may order and buy our portable USB electrocardiograph at the price of 112 USD for the complete set.

We offer such a low price because we want you to become our first customers and help us to make our device better. Your opinions and suggestions can help us to improve our goods. The  USB electrocardiograph possesses high quality and has received a lot of favorable comments from the users of the device in our country (Ukraine), Estonia and Russia over the last five years. And now we want to make our cardiograph available for the rest of people all over the world.

Электрокардиограф-приставка с электродами

In contrast to Chinese "toys" that have the same price (or higher), our cardiograph is the device that registers an ECG signal with professional quality.

The difference between our device and professional electrocardiographs that are used in hospitals is that our cardiograph is not able to register the precordial leads (V1, V2, V3, V4, V5 and V6) that are very difficult to interpret unless you are a doctor. But every cardiologist will be able to understand ECG recordings of our device easily because the ECG signals are made in accordance with the accepted standards  in modern medicine.

The portable electrocardiograph is a computer-based device which is connected to a USB port and communicates using the USB protocol. Its software runs under Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP. To use the device one needs to install the program ECG Control  and assemble or buy the device. The software for USB cardiograph is free and will be free in the future.

The complete set contains USB electrocardiograph attachment , 4 limb clamp electrodes and connecting USB cable. That is all that one needs to record an ECG signal at home. Note that the purchase price of the device is not including shipping and handling costs. Shipping and handling are needed to be paid in addition to the device cost.

We make every device with  our own hands, that is why an advance order is needed. To order the computer cardiograph connect with us by e-mail -jet-@ukr.net. We'll inform you about the duration of production and  payment details  (preferred payment systems is PayPal).

In order to make a final decision if this device meets your requirements or not, we recommend you to download the software for our cardiograph and the examples of recordings that were made by the device.  Read the user manual for the software ECG Control, install the program and learn about its capabilities. If you have  any difficulties or interesting ideas of improving our program, make comments on our software on this site or send a letter by e-mail. We would be grateful to you for that!



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  • Hermann Renner answered

    Dear sirs,
    I would like to order your USB electrocardiograph for the price quoted.
    Hermann Renner

    • Hello, Hermann!

      Freight - by Registered Post with track number, the price is 75 usd with electrodes and software.
      Payment - by VISA, PayPal, Webmoney, Western Union.
      What payment is preferable for you?
      Please send your address and full name on my email albina.pavlenko.90@gmail.com.
      We will send the device in a 3 - 4 days after payment.

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