VideoAlarm Free

In 2006 it turned out that there were serious deficiencies in the free software for video surveillance and protection of zones. Moreover, there were no programs with an adjustable noise filter for zones at all. That is why the program VideoAlarm Free (download) came into the world.

You can download the source code of this program VideoAlarm Free v1.1 src. The software application was written in C++ Builder 6. It captures video using Windows API only. You may use the source code for any purpose you want. But if it is useful for you, then refer to this site in the window “About”of your program (or in documentation).

This is absolutely free utility for the preserving images on a hard disk from any video capture device (webcam, TV-tuner). It differs from free-of-charge analogues by  presence of the adjustable filter of the sensitivity to movement (64 subzones of a controllable area). It has a user-friendly interface.

It will be useful for the home-based system of video surveillance, which you can do yourself using improvised means.

Features of the program

  • It performs the capture of images from any video capture device which is supported by Windows (98, ХР - it is checked up in work)
  • It allocates a specified controlled area from the original image
  • It makes the automatic balance of the levels of a controlled area that provides the independence of detection algorithm working of light exposure and an amplification level of video signals.
  • It processes a controlled area with adjusted sensitivity to movement on 64 subzones.
  • It represents the each stage of processing.
  • It allows setting the threshold conditions for image capture and alarm calling.
  • It starts the specified program, command file, document or plays a sound signal at alarm conditions.
  • It saves an image in JPEG format if there is an excess of a detection threshold.
  • It compulsorily keeps the image in the specified time intervals or after pressing button Shoot Now!
  • It has an extremely simple and functional interface without graphic excesses which are unnecessary for such programs.
  • It has an absolutely full and quite fine adjustment of all the parameters which can be performed by the user.
  • It doesn’t require any additional files and libraries for work, doesn’t bring any records in the registry or files of an OS.
  • It has a Russian and English interface.
  • Free-of-charge

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