Animal PC based 6-lead Resting ECG/EKG Workstation+Analysis software

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PC based 6-lead Resting ECG/EKG Workstation with 4 ECG electrodes and USB cable. In conjunction with software ECG Control the cardiograph ECG Light is complete EKG monitor.
Electrocardiograph ECG Light is very easy to use and can be used as ambulatory electrocardiography device for continuously monitoring ECG at home (for example, during home-based cardiac rehabilitation). The device ECG Light produces six limb leads (Lead I, II, III, aVR, aVL, aVF).
The electrocardiograph includes a rhythm analysis algorithm that produces a computerized interpretation of the electrocardiogram. Can be used by cardiologist for Electrocardiography Monitoring in dogs, cats and even mice.

Software ECG Control capabilities:

  • Produces the electrocardiogram in six standard leads with ECG Light
  • Save whole EKG records to a file
  • View EKG records on your PC or tablet (Windows XP, 7, 8, 10)
  • Software includes countour analysis algorithm
  • Software includes rhythm analysis algorithm (heart rate variability analisys or HRV)
  • Print ECG countour analysis' results
  • Print ECG records
  • Save EKG records data to a text file
  • Save EKG records data to a EDF file
  • Veiw EKG records in EDF format

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Additional information

ECG Lead system

6 limb lead: I, II, III, avR, avL, avF

ECG sampling frequency

3000 Hz per one channel

Dynamic range

from -2 mV to 2 mV

Time constant

3,0 sec.

Сommunications interface

USB 2.0

ECG electrodes

Clamp electrodes, stainless steel, 4pcs


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